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Do you want to get into automated Bitcoin trading, but:
  • Don't know how to code?
  • Don't know how to get started?
  • Think it is too expensive?
You don't need to know how to code, and for $4.47 a month, you can get started right here.

Did you miss that last price swing while you were sleeping? Modobot didn't. Modobot never sleeps. When the price goes up, Modobot sells. When the price goes down, Modobot buys, never missing an opportunity. Modobot will tell you when it makes a sale, and when the price of Bitcoin hits your target.

Create your free account to check out Modobot. When you are ready, subscribe for $4.47 per month, and:
  • Conduct unlimited trades (only on Bitstamp at the moment)
  • Set up to 10 active price notifications
  • Be notified of transactions made by Modobot on your behalf

Just 3 easy steps to start trading today!

  1. Create a name for your bot:
  2. Create a passcode for your bot:
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  3. Where should we send instructions?

There are only a few simple configurations.

Here are the steps to begin trading with ModoBot

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